"Every Perspective In A News Story Is Equally Important"


“Every perspective on a news story is equally important”

I agree with this statement; I believe that all perspectives are important in a new story/issue, especially when it involves something which affects a large group of people.

One reason why I believe this is because you should really have more than one perspective or view of a story to get a definite answer or solution to a problem. For example, in Myanmar, the Rohingya people are telling their stories of how their families are dying and suffering at the hands of the military. They are explaining that they are having to flee and become refugees due to their persecution. This is a vital perspective. Whilst I am not saying they are lying, I am saying that in order to form a rounded view on the situation and to avoid biased, the other voices must be heard in tandem. On the other hand, the citizens of Myanmar are telling their accounts on the issue but they differ from person to person. As shown by the amounts of blog posts and comments expressing this topic, it can be quite hard to deny that we are mostly siding with the Rohingya due to sympathy and empathy. With Aung San Suu Kyi obviously denying claims it is hard to gather her opinion.

Another reason why I believe this statement is true is because of experience. This means that all perspectives are important even if they didn’t experience it first hand. I think this because even only the smallest facts or details can change a story. For example, in Myanmar there are many accounts from the Rohingya people witnessing first hand the issue (the burning of houses, families dying) and are giving the basic information of their accounts of the experience that they have witnessed first hand; whereas other witnesses - such as regular Myanmar citizens - are giving tiny details that may or may not fill gaps in other stories. If a Myanmar citizen witnessed an attack on a Rohingya person’s home from afar they may not be able to give absolute evidence or details but may fill in gaps that a Rohingya person may not have seen due to shock. Also, if someone witnesses a life-threatening scenario right in front of them then they are actually proven to make it up due to lack of evidence in the moment.

In conclusion, I believe that “Every perspective on a news story is equally important” because you may get a definite answer from every story and the tiniest facts could fill in gaps in others.