'Every perspective in a news story is equally important.'

I disagree with this statement.

One reason I believe this,is because I think that some people of the Myanmar would think that the Muslims were different to them.So it is definite that they would only care and think about their own perspective.

For example,in Myanmar the Muslims were thought to be strange(on account of their religion,skin colour) by a young girl because she saw something about the matter on Facebook.This shows that every perspective is not important because it could be a lie or something said on the on the Internet.

A second reason I believe this ,is because I think that the some other people wouldn't want the violence prevented so the Muslims would have no choice but to flee across the border to Bangladesh.

For example,in Myanmar,the United Nations secretary stated that this matter has spiralled into the world's fastest developing refuge emergancy and a humanitarian and human rights nightmare.This shows that that every perspective is not important because someone will be thinking about themselves only and less about other people's opinion.

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