“Every perspective is equally important” - Agree or Disagree?


I disagree with this statement because people situated at different distances from the problem at hand, physically and mentally, will both have different and therefore contrasting views, ideas and opinions on the topic in which they are discussing or debating. This is because a person entirely embroiled in the problem will most likely have a stronger and therefore biased perspective than a person who is not as affected. This person may be more likely to portray a perspective based on fact, rather than an emotional response.

For example, those in Myanmar have much stronger views on the issue than those who can externally watch and regard the facts at their own leisure. The Rohingya, who are forced to make decisions and to stand up against their oppressors everyday, will be more motivated due to their perspectives than those in the UN, calmly discussing the issue. This is why I believe, in order to sort out the problem in Myanmar, it should be held in front of a neutral council with the UN chairing and leading it, so that there can be a balance of perspectives, rather than one simply dominating the other.

Another reason I believe this is because people who others view, or are forced to view, as superior in any way will have a greater influence on those who deem them powerful and strong. This would then lead others to believe only what they are being told, and, not feeling the need to dig deeper into the facts or other opinions then have a firm belief on something that may not even be true.

For example, the military who have a strong and firm grip on the country have forced propaganda and lies into the ears of their “worthy” subjects whilst abusing and discriminating against those they do not deem worthy. In this case, the ruling body, the military, is the superior entity to which the people listen, though wrongly. I believe that this should change so that people, even in areas in which the EU and other governing bodies have little control should be able to access whatever news they wish.

BNC skills I have used:

  • Storytelling - Examples and points with my reasons.
  • Curiosity - when I questioned the way in which those in Myanmar have access to news.
  • Reasoning -My points are clear, concise and strong.
  • Open mindedness - as I discussed the areas of geographic placement in relation to views.

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