"Every perspective on a news story is equally important."

Myanmar:Unravelling the Rohingya refugee crisis

‘Every perspective on a news story is equally important’

I agree with this. Every perspective on a news story is as equally as important as each other. This is because hearing everyone's perspective helps to figure out the truth.

One reason I think this is because by hearing everybody's perspective you will be able to piece together what actually happened. This way no innocent people are punished for something they didn’t do. For example, in Myanmar everybody has different opinions to what is currently happening. The people of Myanmar are being expelled from their homes due to the military. Ahn Sang Suu Kyi claimed that she was going to change what is happening, this is the reason why she was awarded her nobel peace prize. There is an ongoing debate as to whose fault it is for people being kicked out. Some people say that the military is to blame and some think the fault comes down to Aung San Suu Kyi. In my personal opinion I believe that the president is to blame. This is because when she became the president she made a promise to change what is happening and all she has done is blamed the terrorists. This isn’t changing anything. She has been given a nobel peace prize, but for what reason?

Another reason why you can’t make a proper judgement before hearing different people’s perspective is because news stories might be biased. They might change what really happened to make themselves seem better or gain power and respect. Once again in Myanmar the people being blamed for the Rohingya being removed, will change their side of the story so people won’t think of them badly. For example the president will say that she is changing something and making it better. In this case she has started to blame on the terrorists. However the people of Myanmar will claim that nothing is changing and they are still getting their houses burned down.

In conclusion, you should be listening to everyone’s perspective because

some people will lie or change the events of what actually happened. By hearing what everyone has to say you will be able to piece together the truth and she what is actually happening.You can’t make a final judgement without listening to everyone’s perspective. So yes, I do believe every perspective on a news story is equally important.

What BNC skills have I used?:

Curiosity- I ask a range of questions to help my understanding of the subject.

Scepticism- I am able to tell which statements or reasons are weak and need to be challenged.

Reasoning-I am able to give many good reasons and back them up with strong evidence.

Storytelling- I can communicate in a way that captures the audience attention and I able to and I change the way I communicate to suit different audiences.

Open-mindedness- I can seek different points of view before making up my mind, and after listening I am able to change my mind.

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