''Every perspective on a news story is equally important''

  • I agree with this because even though people have not been in the experience it still matters and if they did not have their perspective the world would just be the style of the one person ruling - a dictatorship.
  • One reason I believe this is that you need to have a perspective and secondly every individual is equally important to the other individual.
  • A second reason I believe this is even if the individual takes or has taken drugs or smoke they are still human.
  • For example, in Myanmar nobody except for the military is listened to and there is no respect and the state counciler was in house arrest for 15 years strate for speaking up for people in the country. Aung san suu kyi might be afraid of the miltary, that's why she's not taking action.
  • This shows that every perspective is important because everyone has over 42 rights in the U.N. so people should always be listened to.