'Every perspective on a news story is equally important'

Overall, I agree with this statement. I believe this because hearing other people's perspectives means your opinion on the subject matter will be more fair and can be understood fully.

One reason I believe this is because by hearing other people’s perspectives you are able to piece together the truth and write a whole, unbiased story. For example, in Myanmar. there are different opinions coming from people in different situation in this problem. Opinions for example coming from the president, Rohingya people but also the military. Aung San Suu Kyi is sitting back and doing nothing and is blaming the terrorist, while the Rohingya people are blaming the military for burning down their houses and kicking them out of their country but the military is fighting back saying they are being ordered to. Hearing these different opinions means that you start working your way towards the truth. Hopefully, working out a solution. This indicates that perspective is important because it might lead towards people finding out the truth and thus will assist in sorting out the problem. Do people feel that this would help?

Secondly, I believe this is because some people are biased when giving out information. There may be a situation where most people offer their biased opinion making people think that might be the only proof, and, if they lie, then you will not have the full truth. However, asking multiple people for their opinions will help uncover the truth making a more fair and trustworthy discussion. Take Myanmar: Ahn Sang Suu Kyi is blaming the terrorist (but is this the right way to sort this problem out?) : this is showing her biased opinion meaning she is trying to use other people’s opinions to fight back, as others are just blaming her: another biased opinion. This is not helping anyone uncovering the truth, as they won’t be able to piece together opinions which are truthful in order to have the full perspective.

This shows that every perspective is important because if you only hear from one person and that one person is being biased how are you to know the truth. Although, when you talk with a group of people your more likely to hear these different opinions that may help you identify what is true and what is biased.

Where I have used BNC skills -

Curiosity - I have asked questions that will hopefully get people thinking and expand on the opinion

Scepticism - I have been able to identify weak parts in my piece on the Myanmar situation and have been able correct them and make them stronger.

Reasoning - I have given strong reasons for my opinions.

Storytelling - I was able to change the way I communicate to suit the audience.

Open-Mindedness - I have found a way to link in both ‘agree’ and ‘disagree’ but still sticking with my original poin