"Every perspective on a news story is equally important"


I disagree with this statement.

One reason I believe this is because I think that each person's perspective is equally important, but sometimes the victim's perspective is more important.

for example, in Myanmar one victim (Kodir Basar) has had to flee Myanmar because of the war and is saying that Auang San Su Kai is wrong.It wasn't Muslims who started the war, it was terrorists.This shows that every perspective is equally important because people think differently.

A second reason I believe this is because some people may not have even saw this incident and their point of veiw isn't truthful.

For example in Myanmar Antonio Guteres has said that this is the worlds fastest spiralling refugee emergency when he hasn't even seen the incident. This shows that every perspective is not important because some people haven't even seen it but are still believed.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    17 Oct 2018

    Even though Antonio Guteres hasn't seen he incident directly, what information and role does he have and why might this make his perspective valuable?

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