Every perspective on a news story is equally important


I believe this because everyone's opinion matters and everyone should get a say in it.

One reason I believe this is because you will get the whole story and you will hear both sides of the the story, you will include everyones opinion and all people will be heard. For example the Rohingya people are fleeing their country to refugee camps, we need to know why this is happening. Everyone's perspective is important so we know why it is happening to them.

The second reason I believe this is because you have to get the facts right, otherwise you might not be making the right decision what to do about it. For example in Myanmar the armies are burning down the Rohingya people and their villages all because of their differences in what they believe in . This shows that every perspective is /is not important because we need to know why the army feel that they should kill them and making them move to Bangladesh.

We need to hear from Aung San Suu Kyi because it is her country and she should know exactly what is happening in it.

We also need to hear from the people who live there - both Rohingya and non Rohingyan - because they know what it is like.

We should also listen to the military because they started all of this and should be able to tell us the truth.

The article about the right to free speech surprised me because the human rights act says you have to listen to everyones opinion even if you disagree with what they are doing to them.

Do you agree with me? Is one person more important than the rest? Let me know in the comments below!