Every perspective on a news story is equally important

I believe most perspectives are important , however I disagree on the ones that say black people and mixed race people don't deserve to be in England.

It's like saying white people shouldnt be in England. As longs as they're hear legally I personally don't think there's anything wrong with black people or asian people being in our country. Like the Rohingya people who are suffering as refugees with hardly any food clean water or any clothes, people are struggling looking after their families.

Some people thing they brought it upon themselves by going to a country they didn't come from , on the other hand people think its the milatary and Aung San Suu Kyi's fault . She won a nobel piece prize for helping her country become a better place so people think she should of stoped this from happening as she is the leader of there country.

In my opinion i think we should be listening to the Rohingyan people's perspective as they know what really happened and are not going to lie about something that actually happend to them , like the military probaly wouldn't tell us the truth as they down want to get in trouble.

I would be willing to listen to other people's opinion on who we should be asking like Aung San Suu Kyi overall on the situation however i feel like she wouldnt tell us the complete truth because she doesnt want to be seen as a bad polition / leader in the publics eye .

Others may think diffrentaly and I understand everyone has there own opinion in the situation as its quite diffcult to tell whos going to tell us the truth about this crisis. What is your opinion on this situation? Let me know in the comments!