Every perspective on a news story is equally important:


I undoubtedly agree with this statement.

Firstly, I believe this statement is true because if you only hear from certain perspectives, you may not receive all the information in order to view a rounded opinion on a subject or situation. Furthermore, the perspective you hear may be biased, which is why it is vital to hear different interpretations on an event.

For example if you solely heard from a representative of the Myanmese army regarding the situation then you might interpret the situation correctly.However, if you then also heard from the Rohingya people you can begin to form a balanced story, as you will be able to decipher what is biased and what is true.This highlights that every perspective is important because you can get closer to working out what is biased and what is not.

Another reason I believe this statement is because people might have only encountered certain parts of an event or not witnessed all of it. Additionally, a person or source might not know all the details and the history to do with the situation. It is vital to consider if every person being interviewed would actually tell the truth even if it made them look like the bad guy.Or would they potentially leave out a few of the small details or even exaggerate some of the minor details to make the story go in their favour...

For example, in Myanmar, Aung San Suu might only receive information from one source - like the army - who might tell her untruthful information. Aung San Suu could be trying to fix a problem that is not even the right one to try and fix. For example if she was to hear that the army watch the Rohingya people not chase them then she might try to fix that problem. Whereas if she was to hear from a Rohingya person who said that they had been shooting them then her opinion would change and they way she would try to fix it would change (that was an example).

Ultimately, this is why I believe that every perspective on a news story. I understand why you might disagree but we all have our own opinion and I would love to hear what your opinion is.