"Every perspective on a news story is equally important"

I Disagree To This Statement.

I disagree because the person you ask may not be as involved in the subject as another person, therefore, unable to be accurate on what they say involving the subject. For example, if a heart surgeon said that the heart would survive however, his colleague, a brain surgeon, said otherwise, the brain surgeon may be right but, because of his specialism in that particular field, we are more likely to believe the heart surgeon and leave the heart alone. This is because the heart surgeon is more knowledgeable, more involved, in the matter at hand.

Another reason I disagree is because a person’s type of involvement in the subject may cause their statement to be biased. For example, you could ask a person’s best friend and their worst enemy about their thoughts on this person, the best friend would exaggerate all the good things about this person an even lie about some things so that the person looks better. But the worst enemy would exaggerate all the bad things and lie so that the person looks worse. This example shows how, because the best friend likes the person, they paint a better picture of them. Whereas, the worst enemy would portray the person badly because they do not like them.

An example of reason one in Myanmar is:

When Antonio Gúterres (UN Minister) gave a statement on the Myanmar Crisis he couldn’t be as accurate as others may’ve been because the UN only had satellite images, whereas, people who were working at camps had first-hand experience and could’ve be more precise about what is really going on.

An example of reason two in Myanmar is:

If the military in Myanmar had given a quote on the way the Rohingya people are treated they would’ve said that they (the military) are doing the right thing however, a Rohingya person would probably say something extremely different.

Both of my reasons prove that, while all quotes and statements should be taken into consideration, they should not all be given the same level of trust.