'Every perspective on a news story is equally important.' Agree or disagree?

Firstly, I don’t agree with the quote, ‘Every perspective on a news story is equally important,’ because people can make comments that are not respectful to a person or a group of people, which then undermines them. Additionally people who are richer, more powerful or who have a bigger voice than others may have the ability to marginalize people because they have no consideration over other people’s feelings. I don’t think this right.

For example, imagine a girl from Myanmar, who has nothing to do with the Rohingya Group, reads about the situation occurring and disagrees with what is being said about her country and its leaders. This girl might feel angry that people unknown to her are criticizing her beloved country for something she didn’t even know about until then...is it then fair and just of her to then comment in spite against the situation? I don’t think it is, as her voice will undoubtedly be louder than that of the persecuted Rohingya. This girl might then act on the spur of the moment and comment or post something negative about the Rohingya because she feels she is being victimised for no reason.

If the young girl was to say something along the lines of ‘The Rohingya Group are lying; they just want to get on the news,’ readers from outside the country could potentially form a biased opinion on it. Readers should therefore not reflect on it because she does not know what she is talking about. It has come from an emotional and anger fuelled part of her. She does not know the whole story, nor does she have any evidence reinforcing her views. Readers should not acknowledge this comment because it is out of anger and hatred.

Furthermore, I don’t agree with the quote because people might lie about seeing something really important and devastating to gain attention.

Now imagine if that in charge of either of those situations is a journalist and the amount of damage that could do to the news and other people that are reporting about the Myanmar situation. The news crew could be accused of false information and lying. They might be sued or worst sentenced to jail.

Thankfully, Myanmar has the technology (CCTV Cameras) to tell if someone is telling the truth or not. However, many areas around their don’t have those resources and so a lot of their story is left unheard.

Alternatively, though, I do believe that everyone’s opinion, regardless of race, ethnicity, background or religion, is worthy of listening to, approving or reflecting on, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else because certain comments can be racist, sexist and promote other cruel things.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    18 Oct 2018

    Thanks for submitting your Final piece! I'm interested by your comment about CCTV, where's this piece of information from? I was also wondering how Facebook in Myanmar could link to what you have written. Some further research on this would be great!

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