"Every perspective on a news story is equally important"-Final Piece


Final Piece

I believe that all perspectives of information received are equally important and should be reflected with an open-minded attitude.

One reason I believe this is because it means we can think about others' opinions without being biased. As exemplified by Aun San Suu Kyi's treatment of the Rohingya, I do not believe that she listens to the news being told by people who support the Rohingyaor even the perspectives that the Rohingya portray of the actions in the Rakhine State. This means that she does not feel encouraged to change the rule of burnt property belonging to the Government. If she welcomed the Rohingya's ideas and thoughts of humanitarian organisations like Oxfam and Red Cross, she may feel compelled to edit the law. This shows that every perspective is important because it develops understanding and empathy.

However, we should all be sceptic of people's views, no matter how reputable the person is.

One reason I believe this is because itt means I am free to think about both sides of the scenario and because we can nit trust what people tell us unless they have a justification. Also, we may just disagree with the thought process of the given person. For example, if someone important, like a well-known politician or a group like a news company, agreed with the news reported by people supporting a dictatorship or acknowledged rather than disregarded, we shouldn't automatically follow suit! We should make up our own minds based on our perspective of the situation. Most countries are not standing up for the Rohingya and although they are not doing anything, they have a negative effect. This reminds me of the almost nonexistent relationship between a bully and bystanders. Surprisingly, this shows that every perspective is important - it encourages people to realise that they should speak for themselves on the subject of what they believe is right.

Also, although all perspectives of news stories are equally important (because they broaden our perspective and open us up to others' opinions), I'd like to point out that not all articles are true.

For instance, if someone posted an outlandish article about real flying pugs on Social Media, it would be instantly disregarded as a foolish prank or it may be about placing pugs in harnesses and teaching them how to bungee jump which would be slightly digressing from the subject.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    15 Oct 2018

    Thanks for submitting a Final piece! It's great to hear your final thoughts on this topic. I was very close to awarding the post a star, for being open-minded and using good reasoning. Then I noticed that there isn't a conclusion, in fact, you finish with a (good) example to support a new point. What are your final thoughts on this? What have your reasons led you to conclude?

    1. Graveney-logo-250x250.jpg strong_song | Graveney School | United Kingdom
      Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 17 Oct 2018

      Sorry about that, may I now add a conclusion:
      In conclusion, every perspective of a news story is important because it means we can decide for ourselves what information is true and valuable through reasoning and scepticism: how do we know that people are telling us the truth? Reading a variety of news stories shows us the importance of open-mindedness and accepting other people's opinions, this means we are able to listen to other people effectively!

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