" Every Perspective On A News Story Is Equally Important. " My Opinion.

I believe that this statement is debatable.

Every perspective needs to be known. However, if the view is one that is going to incite hatred or unhappiness it may not be acceptable. I will explain further.

The perspective is not equally important:

  • If it could be biased
  • If it is only a small detail
  • If it is a second hand account which can not be checked
  • If it is fake i.e. rubbish

The perspective is more important:

  • If it is measured and reasonable
  • If it is a big issue
  • If it is a first hand account
  • If it is genuine and can be checked

My Conclusion Overall:

My conclusion is that a perspective is important even if the reason is affencive. I think that sometimes peoples perspectives are valid. For example, in Myanmar Rohingya haven't been able to speek their views and they could be important to actually have a fist hand account. Their views are probally more important. It is quite sad that not everybody can share their perspectives and it could be a vital view. If I could relate this to Myanmar again Aung San Suu Kyi is hiding her perspective her sentance around this is ; " I believe terrorists started this mess."

(I have enjoyed writing about this project.)

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