everyone should be treated fairly.


i think that mayanmar people are not treating the rohinga people fairly and are being a bit racist. i dont really understand why most of them dont see how rohinga people are willing to risk their lives by swimming into the ocean just to escape. aung san suu kyi might seem like she hasnt done anything since last month but i think that she has a plan and is definately going to end this. i think that even if someone is different, you should treat them the same way you treat other people. try to be open minded and hear everyones opinion.

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  • balloon Rose @ the BNC 14 Sep 2018

    Hello earnest_grapefruit I really like your post! You have raised a very good point about treating other people fairly and listening to everyone's perspective. You say that Aung San Suu Kyi has a plan -what do you think this is and do you have any evidence for this? What do you think she should do?

  • I think everyone should be treated fairly but people all around the world get treated so bad that they die of hunger or thirst

  • I agree about that because all should be treated fairly.

  • I totally agree. Imagine there's someone in your class who you really don't like. You might not like them, and they might be a bit different to you, but would you go and burn down their home?! I think we already know the answer.

  • Ernest_ grapefruit I totally agree on your post and you are right some people in places like Myanmar and treated so well so I totally agree on your post.

  • i strongly agree because the world should be fair whith no cheating...

  • Every single person should be treated the same way and should also be treated fairly because its not fair to just treat one half of a group fairly but the other group not fairly because that will just make it worse. Everyone should be treated equally so that it is fair and we could live in peace just like a whole family.So thats why everyone should be treated equally and fairly.

  • Everyone should be treated fairly but not equally because equality is just something different . Here are my reasons why:
    Say if I got sweets and someone else wanted some but they didn't get any the other person who didn't get any is not being treated equally but is being treated fairly because they could get something else.