Everyone should have a say!

I believe that every perspective is equally important because everyone should have a say in their lives.

One reason I believe this is because no matter who you are or what you believe you can have a say in anything you want. A second reason I believe this is because it helps whoever is making the decision if more people have a say or vote and it makes more people much happier.

For example, in Myanmar the Buddhist people are getting killed and have to flee from their country because they don’t believe in the same thing/religion. This shows that every perspective is important because they can’t have a say in anything, even their lives, just because they are Buddhist.

Also in Myanmar loads of people are unhappy because they have to live in refugee camps. This shows that every perspective is important because young children are not having the education that they need to become great successful adults. When the kids get older they might not get out the EU camps and even if they do it will be quite hard for them to get jobs because they are Buddhist.

It’s not just in Myanmar that they should all have their own say in something even in Britain some people are not getting a say, for example the people of Scotland voted against Brexit. One of the main places that people are not getting a say is in America because Donald Trump thinks it is fake news if someone has a different say or perspective to one of his ways/decision. Some people think it is wrong what he thinks of black people and Muslims.

Online you should be careful because there is always more than one side of the story and you never know what one is true so all I am saying is be careful.