These few weeks, we have been learning about the issue in Myanmar. We have been listening to people’s perspective and thinking about if it is important or not. Straight away I thought "yes of course" and I will tell you all about why I think it is.

All stories are important because they give very important imformation, true or not. We need differnt sides of the story to find out what is going on. We may not be able to picture exactly what it’s like in our heads, but we can tell how bad the situation is by all the information we get. Hardly anyone has been interviewing the Rohingas. No one knows what’s going on in their heads and how worried they actually are in many cases.

Aung San Suu Kyi has told us her perspective many times. It is really fantastic as such a powerful and important leader says what she sees and says what she wants. The only problem is if we can trust her. She may be a great leader, but there our many things that can happen as well. She gone through such discrimination before as leader. She fights to defend herself from people who try to take away her reputation.

Some of you may not agree as some of the stories are racist, homophobic and sexist. That’s up to you though. It may be offensive and quite hurting for others, but it is feeding us information.

The Rohingas are suffering with no money, lack of food, clean water and clothing. We have not been listening to the Bangladesh people and government. They are struggling to fit the Rohingas in their poor country. Most of Myanmar are taking all the say and not letting people say what have been going on in their filled up heads. Who believes that everyone’s opinions/perspectives are equally importan?

Thank you for reading.