Faringdon Community College special guest speaker


On Tuesday 9th October, Faringdon Community College had an awesome visitor. His name was Bjorn and he taught us more about the Myanmar we know and the Myanmar we don’t.

He told us about his personal family life in Myanmar. It used to be lovely, a really nice place to live, especially if you were a white British person. His grandfather and grandmother moved there after they had their child (Bjorn’s dad). The boy grew up there in a massive mansion surrounded by amazing things you would never see in England. He found another woman and they got married there. They moved back to England just before ww2.

He also told us about when he recently went back to Myanmar last year. About how nice the people were. About how beautiful and undisturbed the country was. About how the Pagoda’s were made. He showed us the photos of him and his wife enjoying the country.

Bjorn told us about the history of Myanmar and its presidents. It was very interesting to listen about what started of this spiral of unfortunate events leading up to all this murdering and immigrating. He also told us about Aung San Suu Kyi and her family history, about how her father was greatly respected in the war world.

He also warned us that Myanmar is inevitably going to face a terrorist attack, either from ISIS or those being forced to flee. It was frightening to imagine that a country could continue to run but still face this threat.

It was very interesting to listen to and we enjoyed it so much. Thanks Bjorn!

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 16 Oct 2018

    How fantastic to get first person experiences from someone who knows the history of the country. Did Bjorn have any opinions on the refugee crisis? Why was having him their so useful?