Fighting for the Rohingya people - Do they really deserve a chance?


Do they deserve a chance?

Myanmar is a small place in Asia that consists of Boudist people but in a small part of Myanmar there are the Rohingya's which are Muslim. They are being treated differently because they are Muslim! The Myanmar people get better Educations, Food and Housing were as the Rohingya people have to fend for themselves and get very little off everything! In my personal opinion I think this is NOT right, and someone should do something about it. Aung San Suu Kyi - Myanmar's leader has been silent about what was happening not saying a word about it. This should not be tolerated in my strict opinion and the Rohingya's should the treated EQUALLY to the Myanmar's even if they are Muslim so what we are all equal and deserve to be treated fairly and equally! They deserve a chance to live like others in my opinion and should not be discriminated like this! There has been lighting of houses in Myanmar, closer to the Rohingya people's area but the Military (The Myanmar people's Military) is saying it's the Rohingya people, but why would they light their own houses on fire? This is my personal Opinion on what is happening and someone needs to fight for the Rohingya people, Someone needs to say something because right now they are fleeing from their home into refugee camps in fear off their lives. I think they deserve a chance and should be given one!

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