Over the last six weeks, we have been looking at the crisis unravelling in Myanmar. 700,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and, as you are reading this, Rohinga people are living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. As we discussed this, we kept coming back to the same question. Are all perspectives equally important? I have pondered this in depth and I believe I have my answer. I disagree for the following reasons:

One reason I believe this is although you need to hear everyone's perspective to get the whole picture, the facts are distorted by their own viewpoints and experiences. For example, in Myanmar, the military are spreading racism and hatred. They might be pushing the Rohinga people out of their homes because possibly the Rohinga people have done something to them, or the military have heard stories that they have done things to them. I believe the military's perspective is important because they are the people that are causing the damage and the drama so their opinion needs to be heard to find solutions.

My second reason that I disagree is despite needing to know what everyone thinks and believes, doing something because of a racist perspective is morally wrong. People need to be educated and understand that everyone should have equal human rights. For example, in Myanmar, Aung San Sue Kye pointed her finger of blame at terrorists last year. I do not think that she is being very honest and I think that she knows that. Although I say this, I have only heard a little bit about what she is saying and I think I should hear more of her speaking rather than accounts of what she has said told by others. Although Aung San Sue Kye 's perspective is important, I do not think it is as important as someone who is on the ground as an eye witness, or who is being treated in this terrible way.

In conclusion, I agree that everyone's perspective is important, and everyone should be heard to piece together the facts, however they are not all EQUALLY important.

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