Final Piece- Myanmar


I believe that every perspective on a news story is equally important.

One reason i believe this is because if there was a crime scene which involved a family member, that person could lie to cover up an incident. This means that their statement would be false and give misleading information to the police. In these situations it is important to gather all witness statements so that every perspective is covered which will help the police to close their investigation.

A second reason I believe this is important is because sometimes we need all the facts to make an informed decision on our own views of a news story. For example, if we only hear one side of a story how can we really know what has happened and what is the truth? We also need to hear from the person who is in the middle of the scene. For example a criminal should be able to give their point of view and explain why they have committed a crime.

In Myanmar, the State Councillor was imprisoned for many years as she was fighting for democracy. However, she has not currently allowed the Rohingya people the same right as she herself was fighting for. If you only heard her perspective, there would only be a one sided view of the Rohingya crisis. That is why it is important to hear the stories from the Rohingya people themselves.

Another reason for this is that in some countries the powers that are in place can distort the news. A good example of this was in the 'Russia and Rights' issue where we learned that President Putin did not always give the country the full facts around news issues. He also restricted access to worldwide news for Russian people. I think there are similarites between Russia and Myanmar as the people of both countries are being denied their human rights.

These are the reasons that I believe every perspective on a news story is equally important if readers are to be kept informed of facts so that they can make up their own minds on an issue.

Super Skill Challenge:

I feel that I have asked good questions about gathering all sides of a story.

I feel that I have been sceptical in not believing all of what the State Councillor for Myanmar says.

I think I have given good reasons for my views and opinions.

I think I have used storytelling skills when I talked about a police incident.

I think I have shown open-mindedness by thinking about other situations e.g. Russia and other peoples views.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 19 Oct 2018

    Well done for reflecting on the different skills you have used here. I think you're reasoning is good and you've used a range of examples to support your points! I would like you to develop the consequences you mention here. For example, you say a few times that people are not hearing every perspective and that this is bad. Why? What are the risks and dangers involved if you only hear one side of the story?