Fleeing for Rohingyas! Will they be saved be able to come back to their home land ?


A group of people from Myanmar called Rohingyas has been forced to flee there homes because they are being treated horribly by the army. At least 700,000 people from this religion in Mynmar has fled to Bangladesh. In Mynmar the leader of the country was put in prison for 15 years on and off in her own home. Since August 20I7 , 700,000 Rohingyas have been fleeing their homes because of the threat to their lives. In 2017 a group of Rohingyas known as Arakan Rohingta Salvation Army, attackrd police uotposts. Sadly, the army responded with violence , they set fire to Rohingya villages and killing thousands of people. Bangladesh is already a poor country so they are going to stuggle badly.

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