Future journalists!

A task I found interesting was when we did a journalism task where we had to choose 2 people out of the 4 people that we had the choice of.

The 4 people we had to choose from is:

  • Aung San Suu kyi ( The state counceller of Myanmar. )
  • a Myanmar Local
  • a Rohynga person
  • Antonio Guteres (UN Secretary General.)

Once we had chosen what ones we were going to use in out reports we went and took notes on what they were saying about the issue.

We were in groups for this task and once we had put together a script of what we were going to say when we presented it to the class the teacher put on the BBC News opening credits. My group went first we had chosen to do a Rohingya person and Aung San Suu kyi. Our report was about 2 minutes long.

It was interesting to hear all the other groups reports.

If you have done this activity leave a comment on the people you chose to do and whether or not you enjoyed it?

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  • My group chose the Rohingya person and the UN Nation secretary. We chose these people because the Rohingya has first hand experience of the crisis and the UN Nations Secretary because he had no reason to lie. However I can understand why the others would have been chosen. I enjoyed this task and thought it was very interesting.