Having a voice


On 21/10/18 burnet news club talked about the quote "Every perspective on a news story is equally inmportant." I believe that “every perspective on a news story is equally important” because when there is a drama or somthing is going on you might need every persons perspetive to find out what might have really happend. Mainly following our topic of Myanmar there are many different perspectives such as Ann sang suu kyi, the Rohindga and the Buddhist also until you hear from more than 1 person you won’t find out the truth. My perspective also comes under “spreading the news “ mainly because when something is going on and lots of people tell other people the news wont get spoken correctly. In addition, people need to speak up more often so the truth is heard, even when it's a country is a long way away. The UN is important in hearing everyone's voice - or example, they should listen to two Rohindga and two Buddhist perspetives and Ann Sag Sui Kyi should speak up too. Also I strongly believe that Ann sang suu kyi is afraid to speak up any more because of the milatry. So then that gets you thinking what are we going to do as we are in Great Britain, if we can't speak up for them, who will ?

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