If I Could Say Anything To Aung Sang Suu Kyi


My message to Aung Sang Suu Kyi:

Hello. My name is modest_boysenberry and I want to give you a word of warning.

You are the leader of Myanmar I have heard. I have also heard that you did a lot and basically gave your everything to be where you are right now and I respect that. I really do. However, you must know that now you are the leader you have to put in the hard work. Just like you did to get your position as ruler of Myanmar.

You said that you wanted to bring peace to your country. You have said that, now you need to act. You can't just sit back and watch your people suffer. That is not right. Do something about this situation in the Rohingya tribe. Stop blaming terrorists and start helping. This might sound harsh but this is for the good of the citizens of Myanmar and yourself.

The Rohingya tribe are losing their homes and loved ones for no good reason. Do something before your place as a leader gets taken.

Thank you


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