If you had 3 wishes for Myanmar what would they be???????


In my opinion , if i had 3 wishes they would be 1:for all the rohingha people to not have to flee and have the right of there own opinion this is becase at the momentsince august 2017 there has been a dificulty as hangsangsuki has been telling them to flee to banglesh.My second opinion is that everyone has a right to be there self what are your 3 wishes?????

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  • I really like this way of seeing this issue. My first wish would be for the military to have a discussion with the Rohingya and leader about the situation. My second would be for the Rohingya people to go back to Myanmar( the same as you) and finally for people to act against the Myanmar crisis. I think these because of this happened, Myanmar's problems would all be solved. Thank you- efficient_durian for posting this! It really helped me.