Is every news perspective important?

Is every perspective important?

I believe that every news perspective is important in a serious situation.

One reason I believe this is because there may be a form of bias or a huge favour to one side of the argument. If this happens in a serious world crisis then we might not get the real facts, so if we hear both sides of the story, then we can gather facts from both statements.

Furthermore, I believe that we need to hear both perspectives of the story so we can be fair towards the opposing side of the crisis. If we don’t hear from both sides of the story, then the news report will appear biased. Also, there might be some information that could have been missed.

However, in Myanmar, this has not been shown. For someone who has won a nobel prize for peace, they have not been showing their techniques of being peaceful. For example, a few news reporters have been arrested for simply doing their jobs- finding the facts on a specific story! This shows that they don’t listen to both sides of the story- if they did then they wouldn’t have arrested them reporters for finding different sides of the Myanmar crisis. Why are they doing this? What should happen is the government should listen to what is actually happening and let the buddhists who lived in Myanmar originally come back and live their peaceful lives.

On the other hand, if both sides of the story are heard, there could be forms of racism, sexism and more offensive language said toward the opposition, therefore a chance of even more conflict starting between both sides.

In conclusion, every perspective should be show for fairness, non bias and to gain a full picture on the story and to find out the true facts. However you must use them equally to also avoid bias in the news report.

How I used BNC skills-

Curiosity- I questioned the approached, then suggested something else.

Reasoning- I presented clear arguments with examples.

Open- mindedness- I showed both sides of the argument to balance it out.