Is every perspective equally important and should be litsend to?


In my opinion i don´t agree or disagree.

One reason i belivelive every perspective is important is because i think each person has a different way of thinking and you can learn from what people say. It is very important to be pacient and know how to litsen and understand to people. Also if you litsen to peoples perspective you can start having a different way of thought from the subject.

For example in Myanmar two joyrnalists whent to jail and anyone litsend to them , and if you havent heard what happened whith the journalists i recomend to see clooneys speech because i hardly agree whith her. So the reason i agree is because i think you should litsen to different opinions.

But i also dissagre because sometimes people say irelevant things or not realy appropiate things from the topic . But it is true that sometimes people just dont understand something.

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