Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that it is important to hear a wide range of perspectives/opinions, however, because some perspectives may be more relevant than others, I disagree.

One reason I believe this is because someone who has a first-hand experience, or someone who has seen it with their own eyes, their perspective is more important than someone who is the other side of the world, relying on reports to fill them in.

For example in Myanmar, people are suffering; being murdered and tortured, yet no one is doing anything to help them, apart from the UN trying to “sort everything out”. The UN chairmen’s perspective is not equally important than Kobir Basar’s, someone who has seen the very action happen to family members before his very eyes.

A second reason I believe this is because all perspectives/opinions on a matter should be respected, no matter what their status in society is; unemployed or not. Rich or not. They should all be respected and be marked a valid opinion that helps. People shouldn’t ignore these people because they are poor, or because they live in a refugee camp. THEY’RE OPINIONS STILL MATTER….

An example for this is that the state councillor of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, could be a “more trustworthy person to ask” in some people’s eyes. Whereas an unemployed Kobir Basar who lives in a refugee camp, could be seen as not important, or not equally important, yet it’s his life being ripped apart, not hers. They both are people, the only difference is that one is the leader, and one is of no importance whatsoever, no? That’s what everyone else thinks, don’t they?

Yet another reason I believe this, is that some people may hold a preference to either the Rohingyas (very unlikely in this matter) or the Buddhists (who want the Rohingyas out of “their” country.

For example, in Myanmar, Buddhists make up 90% of Myanmar’s population, whereas the Rohingya’s are just a small minority. A Buddhist from Myanmar (Aye Myat Mon) reads the news on Facebook, where loads of Anti-Rohingya information is being spread. This is an example of someone holding a bias view. She says that ‘“they” do not belong in this country and are not our people. They are “illegal immigrants” and that “we” are worried that they’ll overrun “our” country’. Recently, stories shared on Facebook have blamed violence on “terrorist” Muslim Rohingyas. Which is why I think this is not fair. These are NOT true facts, however much Buddhists seem to repeat numerous times.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a Buddhist however says “terrorists” started the violence, and agrees that fake news is being spread.

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