Is every perspective on a news story equally important?

One reason I believe this is because some people, such as the queen, people would follow because she is the queen. Someone who is not as important like me will not have as many people on their side. This is because the queen is famous and already has a reputation.

For example, in Myanmar the Rohinga’s are not as important as the Buddhists’, so the Buddhists’ will get more support than the Rohinga’s which is sad.

My second reason is because some people lie and want to save other people from trouble. People can be there and say they didn’t clearly see what happened because they don’t want to pick sides but that just makes things even more difficult.

Also, Aung San Suu Kyi was lying when she blamed it on terrorists. It was because she had no-one else to blame. She didn’t want to take the blame either.

This shows that when you find out that someone is lying, their opinion doesn’t matter because they might lie again. It makes it hard to trust them.

This also shows that people get treated differently depending on where thy come from, who they are and if they are famous or have a role in society.