Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that, it is important to hear a wide range of perspectives, however, some perspectives may be more relevant than others, therefore I disagree.

One reasons I believe this is, if you are going to read news via Facebook you have to question further to know where the information was found. For example, the Buddhist student, Aye Myat Mon who collects all her news via Facebook which has a lot of anti-Rohingya news and could make someone to believe the fake information. Plus Social media has a lot of grabby information and can lead you to eventually believe the fake news.

I believe perspective are not of equal importance, because somebody might be lying and someone’s perspective might be more accurate than other peoples perspectives. If a Buddhist had his/hers opinion it won’t be believable enough, while a Rohingya’s persons opinion will be more accurate than a Buddhists. Because they have witnessed it second-hand and not first-hand life Kabir Basar.

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