Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


One reason I believe this is, if we weren’t listening to every perspective and were just listening to one perspective you would not get both sides of the story that much or you can believe in a lie.

And if we were listening to all perspective you will not believe in a lie and instead you will know who is lying because if you hear them the will make it understandable but the guilty people which are the people that are lying will struggle what to say. You will get a new story on what you heard before. That is why you should hear a range of perspectives.

You should not hear too many perspective or you can get confused on what is happening. So you should only hear three or two at a time.

Do not hear the murders or the thief’s perspective because they can tell a lie that changes the story from the truth. So always hear the good people who saw what happened.

You have to be careful on what you are hearing because it might change everything.

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