Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I think that the perspectives aren’t equally important because some perspectives are based on lies a random person gives to all sorts of people. For instance, a university student Aye Myat Mon said that the Rohingya (a group of poor people) don’t belong in Myanmar however, they’ve lived there for many generations. Besides, she’s worried that they will take over the country. This may sound true but it isn’t. Aye gathers her facts from Facebook where fake news can be spread easily.

On the other hand, a Rohingya member, Kobir Basar, has seen a whole performance of murder .He said ’’The military set fire to our homes and were chasing people and killing them. That’s why I had to try and escape. I saw this with my own eyes.’’ Also, his family was killed and he evacuated to a refugee camp in Bangladesh. By the way, the Buddhists ’’rule’’ over the country. 90% of Myanmar is Buddhists, the Rohingya are Muslim.

The military is an evil group, who started the whole Myanmar situation many years ago. As you can see they are really horrible and nasty.

You might be thinking ‘’Does Myanmar have a leader?’’. Yes, they do. Aung San Suu Kyi leads Myanmar. She is a Buddhist. At first, she kept quiet about the killing. Then, she said terrorists started the Myanmar business. She says, “We are concerned to hear that numbers of Muslims are fleeing across the border to Bangladesh. We want to find out why this exodus is happening. “People know she won’t lie because she was arrested by the military and prisoned in her own house. She was freed in 2010 and in 2015, she was elected in the political party. I think it’s also better to ask a person in power because they can fix the problem. So that’s another reason why I disagree.