Is every perspective on a news story equally important?

I believe that every person has their own opinion and then they might become bias and no one will be able to be trusted them. I believe that the military should be blamed on and they should not be doing this bad stuff. you need to listen to each person and if you listen to just one person you won’t get a full picture and idea of what they’re saying. Some of the Buddhist are fighting and the Muslims so they are against each other and whilst they do it they bomb each other houses and then they have to flee their homes and die.

I believe that you know a rich person and if you see non-rich person you will obviously believe in the rich girl. The rich person just hasn’t seen it for herself but the non-rich person has seen it for themselves, Kobir Basar saw it with his own two eyes.

The reason why I believe this is, because the rich person has more power and has no sense, but the normal, ordinary man has no power at all. People will believe in her and forget him. This girl is called Aye Mat Mon, she’s a Buddhist . This homeless poor man is called Kobir Basar and he is a Muslim.