Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that some perspectives are important. For example if you got information from a person who would go on Facebook it would be quite bad for a lot of fake news would be spread. Maybe you would get more information from someone who has first-hand experiences and has seen it all happen.

For example in Myanmar, Kobir Basar has seen all of his family die and he has seen all the racism happening. As you may know, Aye Myat Mon has got all her news from Facebook and a lot of people go onto Facebook, meaning anyone could first say anything. This has been happening a lot of people have been spreading fake news about Myanmar.

The reasons I believe this are you would get all your information from someone who has more power. So would you get your information from the prime minister or would you get your information from a person who goes on Facebook.

As you may know Kobir Basar is a Muslim, who gets news from Facebook and is very angry and is probably unemployed. Because this is true, she would probably be very unhappy. As you may know the UN Secretary General has more power and is more rich and he would not be sad and is a professional at solving problems.

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