Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that all perspectives are equally important because someone could be telling a half-truth whereas the other person could be telling the truth but miss out the truth which the other witness didn’t miss out and so if you didn’t care about the other person’s perspective then you wouldn’t have found out more information.

My first reason for this is because if you interview the student who gets her information from Facebook then what she said could be a half-truth or a quarter truth or even smaller than that then it’s still something to pay attention to, so if you didn’t care about the students perspective then you wouldn’t have found out more of the truth.

My second reason is if a myanmarese says something and a soldier from the military says something then both of those things they have said can add up to a conclusion which everyone can then believe and later on in life that conclusion can lead up to a theory.

I believe this is true because something from Facebook can be half-true or can lead up to a conclusion too. If the army don’t have a first-hand experience but can still have a half-truth, so it’s always good to listen to everyone even if they have not had a first-hand experience as there’s always a chance that there will be a bit of truth in everyone’s sentences.

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