Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that it is important to hear a wide range of perspectives/opinions however some perspectives/facts are more important than others.

One reason I believe this is because you have to be sceptical and know if the facts are true or not otherwise if you think it’s true and it’s not you are going to be spreading fake news so that’s why I believe that every perspective is not equally important as some may hold a bias view and cannot be trusted.

For example, in Myanmar the university student looks up her news on the internet and some might be true and some might be fake so she’s not being sceptical.

The second reason why I believe this is because a person who has a first-hand experience has more information than a person who reads their news on Facebook and on Facebook it has a lot of fake news.

For example, in Myanmar Kobir Basar had a first-hand experience whilst Aye Myat Mon reads her news on the internet and she’s not being sceptical and open-minded. She’s also being racist because she is saying that the Rohingya people should be forced to move out of the country and she doesn’t know what is happening so therefore I think that not every news story is not equally important and that the Rohingya (or the Buddhist) people should not be forced to move out of the country and if they are they should fight back and they shouldn’t be afraid to.