Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that all perspectives aren’t of equal value because some are more trustworthy than others.

One reason I believe this is that some opinions are more honest than others. first-hand experience is more reliable than second-hand because someone who saw the issue, would have proof and others won’t. Furthermore, people may be biased due to their background or want to keep their reputation going.

For example, Kobir Basar (a Rohingya) was attacked by the military and his family were killed. He said, “ the military set fire to our homes and were casing people and killing them.” In contrast, a university student who read facebook and said that the Rohingya people don’t belong there. She based her facts on anti-Rohingya comments which were racist. This shows that all perspectives aren’t of equal value as they all differ from honest to unreliable.

A second reason I believe this is because people get their news from different news sources, these might be a newspaper, social media or a website. Some may be written by big companies such as BBC but online websites are made by anonymous people who might be spreading lies. Even newspapers may not tell the entire truth.Some governments check the newspapers to see if the journalist has written anything that makes the government look bad.

For example, many people in Myanmar, say the Rohingyas came from Bangladesh when in actual fact they didn’t. They had lived there for generations and now they were having to flee their home to crowded refugee camps in Bangladesh. This is one main problem. Fake news is being spread in Myanmar which is why some perspectives are more important than others.