Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that every perspective is important.

One reason why I believe this is because if you hear two different perspectives you will get the full picture whereas if you only listen to one perspective you won’t necessarily get the full truth .For example Aye Myat Mon is a university student. She finds all of her news from Facebook. This is her perspective. “They (Rohingya) do not belong in this country and are not our people. This is a fact. They are illegal immigrants and we are worried that they will overrun our country.” Aye Myat Mon has not actually experienced anything herself.

A second reason why I believe this is because everyone is equally important so their perspectives should be too. It’s not fair to listen to one person and not the other. Having more than one perspective is very important as we can verify perspectives using information, for example, Kobir Basar reported that his family have been murdered and he had to run away so he wasn’t killed. The facts have shown that 700,000 people have been murdered by the military.

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