Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that everyone`s perspective on a news story isn’t equally important as not everyone’s opinion will be relevant. For example, if someone on social media wrote that london is always snowy then someone who has never been to london and lives far away might think that they`ll take their word for it even if it's not true and then make it their opinion. One reason i believe this is because some perspectives are untrue or have absolutely no evidence to back themselves up. Also, most people who don't really have a connection with the news issue might lie and make up the news that has become someones reason for their view so that's why that persons perspectives should not be important as it`s unreliable as well as untrue. for example, in myanmar a university student, aye myat mon, only got her news from facebook which spreads lots of anti-rohingya news. She based her full perspective on that fake news which is, “they do not belong in this country and are not our people.” and,”they are illegal immigrants and we`re worried that they`ll overrun our country.” all of this is based from the anti-rohingya website which only says about how rohingya people don't belong in myanmar! This shows that some perspectives shouldn't be as important as not all are from a reliable source. Another reason i don't think everyone's opinion is not equal is because some people might lie when they are telling the news as well as under or over exaggerate meaning in the end you won't get a good idea of what is actually one wants to have to be overly sceptical while reading or listening to news or you might never believe anything you hear which isn`t good as only unbelievable things make the news. An example of this in myanmar is the state councillor. She rarely talks about the issue so she is under exaggerating to try and not let everyone know. She then quite randomly said it was terrorists causing the problem even though they have nothing to do with the problem.