Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that it is not important to hear every perspective of people’s opinions as some people’s views are more biased than others and this is why i disagree.

One reason i believe this is that some people lie to not get themselves into trouble, people who have first hand experience will have a genuine recount. For example in Myanmar the majority of people are Buddhist and a small group of people are muslim. Aye Myat Mon who is a Buddhist and university student, believes that the Rohingya are immigrants and shouldn’t be in the country, she gets her information from social media sites like facebook, where anti-Rohingya information is being spread.

This shows that every perspective is not important because people lie to get themselves out of trouble and they think that it’s better for them but its not they are not helping themselves they are just being biased. Aye Myat Mon wants everyone to go because she thinks they are not welcome in this country but i think everyone should have a right to stay wherever they want.

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