Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that every perspective isn`t equally important as we may not know the source of information. Some facts may just be guesses and maybe just be a bias opinion.

One reason i believe this is because some people get their facts from social media platforms, not knowing weather or not they are true or false. For example, in Myanmar, a university student (who was a Muslim like 90% of people in Myanmar ) read racist comments about the Rohingyas. She stated, “ The people of Rohingya are illegal immigrants that will overrun the country. “ She said this, despite many of the people from Rohingya having lived there for centuries.

The second reason i believe this is because a man called Kobir Basar had face the Rohingya problem first hand after a bomb was dropped on his house, killing his family. He and his family are Muslim, but only 10 percent of people. Currently, he is living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, despite his ancestors living in Myanmar for hundreds of years. Now, unlike most people, Kobir gave an honest recount of what he saw. It wasn`t bias in any form, but personally, i think it is more important to hear the first hand experiences as, even if they are sometimes a bit bias which you can not blame, are true.

This shows that every perspective on a news story is not equally important as people say what they believe is true and say what is actually true is false. People spread what they believe and eventually becomes “true”. This is why i believe that we should listen more to the people who have experienced these things first hand. That way we can get evidence, proof, and a reliable answer.