Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that not all perspectives are all of equal value as most can be lies or bias so they can get rid of people.

One reason I believe this is that people should follow their moral compass of where to get their news from. For example in Myanmar, a foolish university student (a Buddhist) read off an anti-Rohingya website (Facebook). She believed those racist comments and spread them. She says ‘They do not belong in this country. This is a fact. They are illegal immigrants and we’re worried they’ll overrun the country.’

This shows that every perspective is not of equal value, as people with her view will prompt the military to kill more Rohingyas . If she spreads more terrible lies, Rohingyas will lose their right to live in their country. Also racist views should not be considered as the are bad and wrong.

A second reason I believe this is that we should have caring people in charge. If we just have neutral people in charge, they won’t deal with problems with care.

For example, in Myanmar , the chairman of the UN is a neutral person . He is not dealing with the Myanmar crisis like he cares. He is not really in the right frame of mind as when you deal with a problem you do it much better when you mean it. Also he needs to be sure of his facts. He is just saying what advisors are telling him, he hasn’t even been there! He says’ The situation has spiralled into the world’s fastest refugee problem and a humanitarian and human rights nightmare.’ He does not sound emotional and doesn’t even include emotive language.

In conclusion, not all perspectives are equally important as if they are racist that is on a not need to know basis, or if they are fake.