Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that every perspective on a news story is of equal importance because to get an accurate account of a story, you usually need one perspective from each side.

One reason I believe this is that hearing lots of different perspectives helps you to find out more about the current situation. You might also find out facts more accurately, this could also help you to gather your own opinion based on others. For example, we heard from Kobir Basar (Rohingya person) and Aye Myat Mon (Buddhist from Myanmar) Kobir says, “The military set fire to our houses and were chasing people and killing them.” However, Aye Myat Mon, who reads the news via Facebook (where lots of anti-Rohingya information is being spread), wants people to know that, “they are illegal immigrants and we’re worried that they’ll overrun our country.”

A second reason I believe this is that what different people say can help you to determine who they are and/or who they work for and support. For instance, if a detective is working out a mystery and somebody tells the truth, and somebody lies, the detective could maybe use both of those perspectives to work out who the liar works for and/or supports or defends. For example, in Myanmar, 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi promised peace for the country. But expectations were not met. For a while, she didn’t talk about the Rohingya’s situation but after a while, she pointed the finger on terrorists, maybe she was just defending her reputation and/or refusing to change her opinion.

This explains why every perspective in a news story is important because, no.1 the more different the opinions/perspectives are the more you benefit and no.2 because lie+truth=answers revealed!

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