Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that, every perspective is equally important as it will most likely give you an accurate account.

One reason I believe this is, it is only fair you let all people say there sides and to not be bias towards one person. Antinonio guterres is worried about the rohingya people as they are abused by the people of Myanmar. For example in Myanmar. They are burning down the people of rohingyas homes if the refuse to go back to their “home-country”

This shows every perspective is important and that we need to hear every perspective to get a truthful story and an accurate account also try to come into the subject with an open mind.

A second reason I believe this is, you need to hear the perspective of someone who was there first hand as you would most likely get a reliable account of the situation the people of Myanmar should leave the Royhingas alone if they are there legally and paying their fair share.

For example in Myanmar they are trying to be anti-ROHINGYA because they don’t believe that they should be there just because of their beliefs witch are different in Myanmar they are mainly Buddhist but the Royhingas are Muslim.

This shows every perspective is important, because we all have our own opinions and the people of Myanmar people have different opinions then the Royhingas but that still does not make the fact any better.