Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that every perspective is important because…

One reason I believe this is because every perspective on a news story is equally important as it can be bias and people might lie about the news so it is not very important to hear fake news.

For example in Myanmar, they are sending their opinions on anti-Rohingya Facebook so if someone reads it then they would actually think that happened so they would think fake news is real news and would follow to the exact situation that other people had.

My second reason I believe this is if you only listen to one reason then it won’t be right because you might have listened to the bad reason that is leading you to the wrong path.

For example in Myanmar lots of people are only listening to one state and follow that, so the best thing to do is actually look at more than 3(three) suggestions and right down what you think.

This will help as you will choose what you think out of all suggestions and you will get the chance to actually choose the one (1) that is leading you to the right path.

If someone does exaggerate or lie, you can look at all the facts online together and make your decision. It is good to be open-minded.

There are alote of homes and houses in Myanmar but they are still chasing the Buddhist people even though they lived there for their whole lives. When they got sent to the Buddhist refugee camp, the workers there said that they are already struggling with the people they’ve already got so more people coming isn’t helping.

But, if someone said that they need to fight for Myanmar it would be important news.

This shows that every perspective is important because if nobody said that then there would be bad days and no democracy.

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