Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that every perspective is equally important even if the opinions are false so then you can create a better picture.

One reason that I believe this is if you have more perspectives, then it would be easier to figure out the truth. For example, in Myanmar, Kobi Basar has his opinion that they were trying to kill them and he “saw it with his own eyes” so they tried to escape. Also you have that Aung San Suu Kyi says that they are all the violence is coming from terrorists and that they are hearing fake news. Aye Myat Mon (a Myanmar citizen) believes that the Rohinga are going to “overrun the country” so she agrees with the social media that is terrorists attacking so there are several different opinions.

This shows that every perspective is important because all of those cases (or opinions) create a story to solve and figure out what is happening in Myanmar.

A second reason I believe this is that when you only have one suspect then it is harder to believe what they are saying because that one person could be lying so you need people to back up their opinions. For example, in Myanmar you have the four opinions, the leader of Myanmar, the Rohinga people, the Myanmar citizen and lastly the council. All of these perspectives affect the final answer.

This shows that every perspective is important because they back up each other’s points even if they are totally different they still are slightly linked.