Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that, someone’s perspective is not important all the time because it might be a lie and no-one will know what source they got the information from.

One reason I believe this is, someone might not be involved in a crisis and they might get an opinion from someone on social media and spread the opinion around the world. The fact was racist and bad and now loads of people can see the post. For example, in Myanmar a Buddhist went on social media and found a post that was anti-Rohingya and spread it round the world. It was racist and really bad. She said

“They do not belong in this country and are not our people. This is a fact. They are illegal immigrants and were worried that they`ll run our country”.

A second reason I believe this is, someone might have a perspective on something that is not necessary to the topic and might start blaming other people for it. Even though they know that that person did nothing relevant towards the topic .For example in Myanmar, the state leader had to say what was going on in Rohingya. She didn’t say anything. Then when they asked her again she replied by saying that the terrorists are to blame for the problems in Myanmar. The terrorists have nothing to do with the Rohingya problem. The state leader probably knows that it’s the military leaders and because they have more power she doesn’t want to admit that they are responsible.

This shows that every perspective is not important because the student perspective was racist and was considered bad. It was anti-Rohingya and she doesn’t have evidence that the people of Rohingya are from Bangladesh. If she doesn’t have any proof then that means she can’t call them illegal immigrants. Also the state leader her perspective was random and blamed random things. If we allow everyone to have an opinion it might be chaos. Therefore I disagree.

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