Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that, every perspective should be respected, however, some may be more relevant and reliable than others, or some may be bias to themselves or a lie, therefore I disagree.

One reason I believe this is because, people who have first-hand experience went through all the action’ whereas some people follow and find other peoples perspectives or maybe facts from different social media platforms. For example, a poor, young man named Kobir Basar had first-hand experience and now living sadly, in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. He said, “ I could see everything with my very eyes,” meaning he saw military chasing the innocent people, people having to be persecuted for no reason, and having to flee his country which he and his mum and day lived for many years.

A university student named Aye Mayt Mon, was hearing all perspectives from an anit-rohingya social media platform named Facebook. Reason being an anti-rohingya platforms is because racist comments were being spread. “They do not belong in our country and are not our people. This is a fact. They are illegal immigrants and were worried that they’ll run our country.”

A second reason I believe this is because as I said before, everyone’s opinions should be respected and sometimes it might be beneficial to have neutral perspective, saying all the facts but leaving out the emotion so no feelings are being hurt.

For example, in Myanmar, a man called Antonio Gueterres, who is the head of the UN [United Nations] is only spreading facts, leaving all the emotions to 1 side.

This shows that every perspective isn’t as important because going back to 1st reason I believe this, the university student gathered her facts from Facebook, where racist comments were being spread, she doesn’t even know if the people are lying or not, she is just saying what she is hearing. In my opinion, I would not consider a racist comment and stick with the people who have first-hand experience.