Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


Although some people’s perspectives may seem unimportant, without everybody’s our world would not be fair. I believe that everybody’s point of view should be valued and that they are all equal.

We may think the Militarily in Myanmar is wrong (which they mostly are) but the Rohingya attacked them too. If we only listened to one side of the story, then we wouldn’t know how they behaved themselves. Although some people may be racist, the Rohingya done things to them too.

If we didn’t listen to everybody, our situations on earth would be very unfair. Without listening to everyone, this wouldn’t even be worth arguing for because you may only listen to someone else. I feel really strongly about this as well as a fair argument given for everyone.

For example in Myanmar, you have the leader: Aung San Suu Kyi. If only listened to her and not the Rohingya people, you may think she is doing all she can and it is only the terrorist’s fault. Even listening to a racist Buddhist in Myanmar, could explain why they don’t want them in their country. We need to see the whole picture to be fair.

As wall as my other reason, I also believe that no one is totally even with their opinion. Even someone with no feelings for Myanmar at all would feel sorry for the Rohingya. This means that (I’m not saying the Military are good) the Military would not have any the reasons to not like the Rohingya. We wouldn’t know that, would we? Everyone deserves for their say to be valued as everyone may get something out of anyone saying anything.

In Myanmar, the people sorting out this crisis may only listen to important people or one sided information. I find this unfair as everyone involved in the Myanmar problem has done something wrong. The Rohingya attacked the military, the military hurt the Rohingya .We must value everyone’s opinion to get the whole picture. Myanmar is home to lots of people and the Rohingya should be valued as much as everyone else’s.

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